Customer Analytics, Employee Analytics and Facility Analytics

Leverage comprehensive analytics for customer engagement, employee performance, and facility optimization. Uncover valuable insights that seamlessly integrate data to enhance overall operational efficiency and business strategy.

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Empower your business with cutting-edge AI and CCTV analytics solution. Unlock actionable insights for your establishment. Transform data into decisions with our advanced technology, driving revenue and reducing costs.

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Tailored solutions for malls, health clubs, restaurants and exhibitions, offering seamless management, enhanced customer experiences, and efficient operations. Our versatile platform optimizes processes across diverse sectors for heightened productivity and customer satisfaction.

Retail and Malls

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Making Retail Analytics Intelliegent

Using your existing CCTV infrastructure our AI based solution extracts vital information creating a spatial and temporal profile of both your customer and your space. Intuitive dashboards extract insights for informative decision making.

Facility Analytics

Identifying Deadzones.


Learn about interactions between customer, facility, employees and objects to make informed decisions

Object detection

Detect, count and track objects in a premises for optimization and security.

Employee analytics

CCTV based time and attendance Employee present at location or not Employee productivity and customer interactions

Smart Operations

Integrating the operations with smart analytics allows quick response to the environment. Questions like when to switch own air conditioning, when to close the parking.

Customer Analytics

Know your customer, occupancy, peak hours, unique customer count, repeat customer identification, conversion and performance of location, benchmarked against all locations
Vehicle detection, counting, and recognition for repeat vehicle identification and demographics

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